Top Benefits to Hiring a NetSuite Partner Rather Than Using NetSuite Direct

The announcement from NetSuite, a company founded by Evan Goldberg and Larry Ellison, is less about the arrival of a specific product and more about a series of partnerships, services, applications and technology enhancements designed to meet customer demands by largest global companies. The positioning represents a change in itself, since it moves NetSuite implementation from its user base which, since its creation in 1998, has largely consisted of small and medium-sized businesses. “One of the things NetSuite Unlimited includes is a new partnership with service company Accenture,” NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson said in an interview.

Accenture has created an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application within NetSuite software,” he said. “In addition, NetSuite app has started to deploy Oracle’s Exadata DataBase Machine solution in its own data center, so that it can perform joint operations with applications running in the company’s data center,” said Zach Nelson. . “Ultimately, Exadata could support larger instances of applications owned by NetSuite customers, and support more resource-intensive workloads, such as in e-commerce for example,” added the CEO of NetSuite.

NetSuite ecommerce does not expect to replace equivalent solutions from SAP and Oracle to become the premier ERP system for large enterprises. On the other hand, the seller intends to serve as the second pillar in a “two-thirds” ERP strategy, according to which his software could be deployed in an SAP subsidiary or with a new Oracle reseller setting up in the world, to link it to the main ERP core. Microsoft, Epicor, and other ERP system vendors have adopted a similar marketing strategy.

In addition, Qualcomm would have signed a contract to use NetSuite in certain situations. NetSuite’s software “gives us the opportunity to centralize certain elements of our Suite commerce systems and further simplify the management process,” said Peter Rubbernecker, vice president of information technology at Qualcomm, in a statement. NetSuite Consultant also intends to extend an agreement signed with e-commerce company Group on. The “good-deal-of-the-day” site could be found on NetSuite and supply 26 international markets. “The solution would replace hundreds of spreadsheets with a single hosted ERP system.

Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware was the first speaker on this second day of EMC World 2011 in Las Vegas. No announcements from the company, but a vision where it is necessary to rethink IT and especially the different layers of traditional IT. Very oriented towards the hybrid cloud as indicated by Joe Tucci the day before, Paul Maritz has declined VMware’s proposals on all the bricks (security with Vshield, switching with Vswitch, automation and design with vCloud Director) that make up this environment. All the components are there to reassure and support the undecided to the cloud. He indicated “mentalities must change and have changed in IT” and added that the next work of VMware will focus on supporting the post PC era and more particularly around the smartphone. “Companies will no longer have to pay for a phone for their employees, but they will ‘virtualize’ their smartphones.” This virtualization will have to be accompanied by the implementation of security rules and specific use. “You must be able in your private life to

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