Top 6 uses for letter pads

Everyone uses letter pads these days.  Letter pads are the medium of written communication in both the corporate and creative worlds. Be it a lone individual or a business enterprise, everyone needs a letter pad. And why? It’s time we know.

What are letter pads?

Letter pads are a bunch of loose letter papers bound together and backed by a cardboard sheet. They come as a “pad” or collection of loose sheets.

Letter pads are a part of both professional and personal stationery. They are designed attractively and printed on high -quality paper.

What is the difference between a letter pad and a letterhead?

A letter pad is a collection of sheets of paper while a letterhead refers to a single sheet. A letter pad is often a sheet of blank paper with minimal design. when the letter pads papers are embossed or printed with the company logo, they become the company’s letterheads.

A letterhead is a product with company branding while the letter pad may or may not be branded with the company logo.

Letter pads are a part of the company’s stationery items that are very much needed for office use.

Why do we need letter pads?

Every office or individual needs letter pads for the following reasons.

  1. Letter pads are used to take work notes and circulate it in the office

At the office, letter pads are used quickly jot down notes during meetings or discussions and circulate it to others in the team. Since the letter pads are of A4 size, they can contain a lot of information.

  1. Letter pads can be used to hand over instructions to others

When important instructions are to be given, they are often typed o written in the official letter pad. When the communication comes on the official letter pad, it carries more weight and is taken seriously.

  1. Letterpads are ideal for personal communication

People of high stature and status often have their own custom letterpads for their personal communication. These letterpads come embossed with their initials or crest to indicate their identity.

  1. Letterpads can be used to express one’s creativity

Artists and fashion designers need a medium to express their creativity. And that is their own specially-designed letter pad. They can use the letter pad to unleash their creativity. They can express their artistic talent with aesthetic borders and designs on the outline of the letter pad.

  1. Letterpads can be used to indicate the professional status

Doctors, lawyers, and chartered accountants need their own customized letterpads. These letterpads must be printed with their name, professional qualification, license number, accreditation, etc. Such letterpads are a must for these professionals as they add dignity to their profession.

Now that we are convinced that letterpads are a must for any profession, let us look at some tips in printing high-quality letterpads.

Tips to print the best letterpads

Follow these tips to get letterpads of high quality printed for your company.

  1. Decide whether you are going to design your own letter pad or get it designed from a professional print provider.
  2. Identify an expert print provider with an in-house design facility.
  3. Choose from their range of available templates or ask them to design one especially for you at extra cost.
  4. Provide all the details like name, address, etc
  5. Send the logos in .png format with high resolution.
  6. Double-check and proof-read all details before printing
  7. Choose a good quality paper like Bond paper for printing your letter pads
  8. Print letter pads in minimal quantity at first for trial. After you are satisfied, you can print them in bulk at marginal cost.

Letter pads are the right stationery to act as your medium for business communication and branding.

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