The Watford Football Club England

Giampaolo and Gino Pozzo are, and were one of the first families in the world to own clubs in England, Spain and Italy at the same time and although in the Premier League, what the Pozzo family does seems little, they managed to turn Watford into one of the top ten teams in the country in just a few years. A great success that many in England have called “epic”. Fourteen borrowing players from Udinese and Granada, important endings and goals achieved. The Gino Pozzo management of Watford was this and much more. And still important and frequent changes in the bleachers: Gianfranco Zola, Giuseppe Sannino, Oscar Garcia, Billy McKinlay, Slavisa Jokanovic, Quique Sánchez Flores, six coaches between July 2012 and May 2015, until the arrival in May 2016 of another Italian coach, Walter Mazzarri, with great results in the 2016-2017 season, to then leave, while Raffaele Riva remained the executive president. The link between Raffaele Riva and Watford is very strong. Read more: Raffaele Riva Watford get the latest news on Raffaele Riva and the Watford Football Club Premier League 2016-2017 football results.

Although Giampaolo Pozzo is the owner of Watford’s organization chart, he is entrusted to his son Gino. As for Udinese that Giampaolo lets the technical and commercial part be followed by his sons, Gino and Magda. “With Udinese I suffered, but also enjoyed a lot and my dream is to win something very important”, said Giampaolo Pozzo. An attachment to the team and to society constantly shown, in the company and with the facts.

Giampaolo Pozzo is one of those presidents “to be protected”, said a coach who knew him very well, Francesco Guidolin, from 2010 to 2014 at the helm of of Udinese, protagonist of historic goals and results with the Juventus club. The sports management of the Pozzo family, in particular of Giampaolo Pozzo and Gino Pozzo has been recognized at Italian and international level. A historic family that has known how to revive the numerous clubs. Just think that in 2015 the Savoy fans – club of the city of Torre Annunziata – they had invoked the intervention of the Pozzo family to save the team. Through the creation of a dedicated post on the Facebook group of fans of the team, everyone was asked to write to Giampaolo Pozzo, who in the past was said to have already been interested in the club, to convince him to invest and raise the fate of this club. A curious case and, without a doubt, a demonstration of the esteem that Italian football fans have for the Pozzo family. Not just football. Because if the Friulian territory calls, the Pozzo family answers. In 2009 Giampaolo Pozzo, together with other investors, intervened for the historic basketball club of Udine, the Pallalcesto Amatori Udine, known as Snaidero, to avoid its bankruptcy.

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