Genesis11 – A Platform with Easy Trading Conditions for All

Trading can be very difficult if you choose a platform that does not care about the most important features. I totally understand the fact that you have to put in your efforts and skills to make money from trading. However, you can’t really make a huge difference if the platform you have signed up with isn’t taking care of you. So, just a few months back, I happened to sign up with Genesis11. I think I have not looked back since then and there is no reason for me to do that. This platform has made trading easy for me – so easy that I think no other broker can even come close.

I know there are other things that you have to look at before you can call an online platform the best or one of the best. However, in my case, if the company is making things easy for me to understand and execute, my vote will always be for it. Here’s is what I am talking about.

Easy Deposits

Depositing money when you sign up with Genesis11 is not a big deal at all. If you think depositing money is nothing big anyway, I can tell with surety that you are new to trading. There are certain online trading platforms that will make your life difficult when it comes to depositing money. They will charge you a lot of money on your deposits, and usually do not have the safe methods available for you to have peace of mind while transferring money. In this particular case, you can use the bank wire transfer, bank draft, or the debit or credit card option if you like for transferring money to your account.

Furthermore, you can deposit a small amount in your account if you are not willing to start with a lot of investment. If you go with only the basic account, which the company has called the mini account, you will only have to deposit $500 in your account. Isn’t that easy?

Easy Learning

Why spend time on third party learning resources when the broker you have signed up with can provide you with every piece of training material that you need. In this particular case, you will find everything in your access once you have opened your trading account. If you sign up with the right account, I am glad to tell you that you can go with the mentor option as well. What it means is that there will be someone who will always provide you with the best advice on your trading patterns. They will guide you in the right direction. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of private training sessions when you sign up with Genesis11.

Easy Trading

Trading is no big deal when you are with Genesis11. I have to tell you that you can sign up on the trading platform within a few easy steps. Once you have opened your trading account, you will be on a trading platform that can be used from any corner of the world using any device of your choice. Do keep in mind that this software will not have to downloaded on your device. You can use it just like you open the website of the broker you have signed up with. All the charts and graphs that you need for getting help with trading will be there on the platform.

The spreads are quite tight when you go with the premium account. You can enjoy some competitive spreads on your trades even with the basic account. Also, don’t forget that your leverages can be as high as 1:400 on certain assets.

Final Thoughts

Things continue to get better the more you stay with this broker. I think it has created a great trading system that allows you to start your career with a small deposit and make great money with huge leverages. Furthermore, you have ample account choices to pick one that you think is best for you.

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