Book keeping FAQs

Since the bookkeeping serves as the part and parcel in growth and decision making process of a company, it is therefore important to pay attention to it whether you are hosting a small company, a solo company or a growing one. The importance of bookkeeping cannot be denied because of the fact that it helps in deciding about the progress and products of the company and the data provided by this bookkeeping enables a company to generate better revenue and get better services for the clients.

Here we are presenting some frequently asked questions about bookkeeping that are going to help you learn more about it.

  • What is the right time to hire a bookkeeper for your company?

The most perfect time to hire a bookkeeper for your company is to do is as soon as you start the business. If your resources are low at the time of launching, you should learn the skills of the bookkeeper and start it right away. Of course in the start of the business, there won’t be a lot of transactions that you will need to record, so make sure that you get knowledge of the basics of the process and start it right away.

  • Do I still need a bookkeeper if I know how to work on Microsoft excel?

Yes you still need a professional bookkeeper if you know how to work on the worksheets etc. because a bookkeeper is professionally trained to look deeply into the matters of bookkeeping and to help you and your company to keep up with the changing trends in bookkeeping in the industry.

  • Is there some difference between accountant and a bookkeeper?

The bookkeeper is a person who keeps the record of the transactions and business income of the company according to each year, on the other hand the accountant is the person who takes the data from bookkeeping and completes the forms to make a record for tax completion. The work of the bookkeeper however directly effects the reporting of the accountant, so if the bookkeeper has generated some error in his work, the accountant will for sure make the mistake move further. Therefore the bookkeeper must be a person who is bright and sharp.

  • What about the security of the accounts when you hire a bookkeeper?

Hiring a bookkeeper gives you something more that a person to look for your accounts, a bookkeeper too becomes the part of your team and you have to trust him just the way you trust your other team members at the time of hiring. The good companies that provide their bookkeepers also offer you the licenses of trustees so that your data remains secured and locked in the process. Also the data encryption techniques used in the bookkeeping software help you get secure data that would otherwise be running from table to table in some random office cabinet file.

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